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I love K.

"You can buy test tubes of wigglies on the internet. Gosh. That's, um.. just.. gosh."
"You can even pick which celebrity you want the person supplying the wiggiles to resemble."
"Gol-ly. I dunno even what to think of that. Superficial, I think is what I think. Is there a checkbox for 'healthy, happy, and preferably intelligent'?"
"Pfft. Like people wouldn't lie about that."
"Coz they don't lie about who they look like?"
"There are pictures, leaving it up to the ova-bearer to decide for herself."
"Oh. Hm."
"Do not even think of getting me a frozen test tube of wigglies for Giftmas, K."
"But you saiiiiid you wanted to buy one secondhand, and it'd be!"
"I want a secondhand baby, not the parts for a do-it-yourself kit!"
"Aww, I thought you said That Guy liked putting things together."
"Tell you what, if you get me a do-it-yourself Cylon baby kit, sure. If it's wigglies in a jar, you'd better just put those in your breakfast shake because I sure as heck don't want 'em."
"That'd be a very expensive protein add to my shake... I think it'd be better as a stocking stuffer for you."
"Dude, if there are wigglies in a stocking, the stocking better sure as hell be /yours/."

It took him a minute to catch the reference, and then he giggled so much he literally fell off his desk chair. And then he gravely reminded me that he's been snipped.

I did not inquire further as to the state of his socks.


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