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Delirium is here!

So I spent my day playing with the doll and going through the metric fuckton of Barbie/Kelly/Bratz/Spice Girls clothing and accessories my roommate gave me, to find things that would fit her. I found a pretty decent outfit to start with, I think. I also found a bunch of neat, to-scale things for her, like bitsy coke cans, sunglasses, wine glasses, and pizza slices. I'd say it was shamefully cute, if I had any shame, but I don't, so there.

The one sad thing.. she doesn't stand up on her own. I don't know if that's due to the tension on the stringing, or if she's just too darn tiny. I can live with her being a sit down doll, though.

THANK YOU, KEL!!! :) I love her.
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And now she ded of kyoot.

Kel bought her for me because, ""She looked like your FB userpic, so I got her for you for your birthdaychristmasyulehousewarming present!"

I am positive that I do not want to know what this tiny, less than 6" doll cost. No, really. Never, ever tell me.

Should I be amused that Kel thinks my eyes are green? They are not. They are grey. I will forgive it this once, because the sheer adorableness of that doll is counteracting the deep, heart-ripping wounds I would otherwise be feeling that my fairy gothmother hasn't spent enough time staring soulfully into my eyes to remember what colour they are..

This is apparently what happens when I email my enablers telling them to keep me away from tiny doll sites. Jamie is fired, as he was no help whatsoever, and Kel /should/ be fired because I'm positive this is kind of a 'the first hit is free' kind of scenario.. but if I fire her, she might decide to keep the tiny wee Lolita..

Is it sad that I'm almost more in love with the tiny tattered teddybear?

And you realize that, since she's small enough to fit in my pocket, I will bring this doll with me EVERYWHERE? Also that she will come out and snark things like Anubis does?

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Fearing the imminent demise of the Powerbook, last week I purchased a Compaq laptop. It was dirt cheap - less than $300 for a machine with some decent computing power under the chassis. I'm weirded out by the keyboard - there's a 10-key, which shoves the main keyboard off-center. I'm getting used to it. Mostly I wish they'd moved the trackpad to the left about an inch, to center it on the keyboard part and not centered on the overall .. keyboard..part... thing.. Oh shut up. You know what I mean.

I've spent the last week beating Vista into submission to make it run like XP. Tonight, I fixed the wireless connectivity. I knew it wasn't the network, and because it's Windows, I pretty much knew it was the adapter, and yup, sure enough, file and printer sharing and some other bullshit sharing that is not a TCP/IP protocol. Fuck you, Microsoft. What if I want to be selfish? What if I don't want to share? Did you ever thing about that, you inconsiderate, bloated piece of crap operating system? Did you ever consider MY feelings?? NO. Jerk.

On the up side of things, the laptop means that the desktop's drives are all getting scrubbed so it will be a pure Ubuntu box, untainted by MS.

Anyway. Tiny dolls have arrived. I messed up and now have to order another head and body so I have a matched set for the Bubbleheaded Nurse doll. Woe - I have to buy more dolls. Woe!!

The bid has been resubmitted for House!Presumptive. I penalized Best Assets $3,700 for being dickheads, so the bid this time is for $120k. They'll either accept my bid, accept someone else's bid, or tell us all to go screw - we'll know by the 12th. As long as they don't accept someone else's bid, I can always re-bid if they decline me.

Living in Temporary!Domicile with other people has been odd. We all work different hours, so there's rarely more than two of us in the house at any given time, and usually only one at a time. Which is pretty much my ideal living situation, when I have to live with strangers. Or, y'know, anyone.

In a comestible experiment, last night I purchased some "Primal Strips" - vegetarian/vegan fake meat jerky. My main dislike was the packaging. It was blister packed in heavy plastic, and if I need to use a razor knife to get to my food, that's just too damn much work.


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