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This username. Joined for more Fillion following. Apparently he's an addict.

No, really, I DO TOO exist!

Hopefully that will work.
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I'm planning a trip to Vancouver sometime this spring or summer. I was thinking next month would be nice, since That Guy avoids Hallmark holidays and I dislike being alone on holidays. I could not find a hotel room. Everything was booked up. Ornery, I busted out my good friend Google and checked 'Vancouver February 2010'...

Yah. Winter Olympics. FML.

I had no idea. I didn't even know the Olympics were this year, just that they were coming up sometime and a bunch of morons were up in arms because China was hosting them. For the love of little grey mice, to invoke Godwin's law, NAZI GERMANY hosted them. After that, ain't nothin' no nevermind.

The Olympics are out to get me. First, the TV shows I watch are pre-empted for three months, as if people don't have DVRs this day in age, and now I can't go near Vancouver in February because it will be full of allergens. Namely, sports fans and rabid hordes of tourists. No thank you. I've put off my trip until May or June, because I figure the city is going to need a couple months to recover from the trampling the shiny-eyed mouthbreathers is going to give it.

In other news, my Canadian half made an abrupt appearance the other day, talking about the weather.

That Guy: "It's above zero outside .."
Me: "No it's not! It's only 23.."
That Guy: "23 is above zero."
Me: "No it isn't!"
That Guy: "Zero FAHRENHEIT?"
Me: ".. Oh."

(23F = -5C)


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