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And now she ded of kyoot.

Kel bought her for me because, ""She looked like your FB userpic, so I got her for you for your birthdaychristmasyulehousewarming present!"

I am positive that I do not want to know what this tiny, less than 6" doll cost. No, really. Never, ever tell me.

Should I be amused that Kel thinks my eyes are green? They are not. They are grey. I will forgive it this once, because the sheer adorableness of that doll is counteracting the deep, heart-ripping wounds I would otherwise be feeling that my fairy gothmother hasn't spent enough time staring soulfully into my eyes to remember what colour they are..

This is apparently what happens when I email my enablers telling them to keep me away from tiny doll sites. Jamie is fired, as he was no help whatsoever, and Kel /should/ be fired because I'm positive this is kind of a 'the first hit is free' kind of scenario.. but if I fire her, she might decide to keep the tiny wee Lolita..

Is it sad that I'm almost more in love with the tiny tattered teddybear?

And you realize that, since she's small enough to fit in my pocket, I will bring this doll with me EVERYWHERE? Also that she will come out and snark things like Anubis does?


Geeky glee!

Dec. 1st, 2009 02:45 am
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I have finally gotten my grubby intardnetzwebz hands on the entire Dot and the Kangaroo series, and the 1984 BBC miniseries for 'The Box of Delights'.

There were certain things that were watched, growing up, right around the Holiday Season. These would be part of that package, and the others I already have. These have been impossible to get in the States because Dot was never released here at all and Box of Delights was only released as a crappy, pared down 1986 re-cut of the 1984 miniseries. Slowly recapturing my childhood, one small torrent at a time. The scene on the train, when the wolves are running, and the Evildoers have wolf and weasel heads freaks me out to this day.

I somehow don't own the books 'The Midnight Folk' and 'The Box of Delights'. Hm. May have to fix that soon. First edition copies shouldn't be that hard to find, right?

I am happier than a pretzel twig in cheez whiz right now. Eee! Now to get my hands on copies of the BBC's version of Chronicles of Narnia - which I can probably buy a US box set of - and the animated Chronicles of Narnia, which will be harder.


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