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Cancellation Confirmation

Borders Rewards Card Number: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Thank you for being a Borders Rewards member. At your request, we have cancelled your Borders Rewards card.

Your account and unused rewards will be cancelled. You will also be unsubscribed from all emails you currently receive from Borders and/or Waldenbooks.

If this is a mistake, please contact Borders Rewards Customer Care at 800.443.7359.

At least they acceded to my request promptly, gotta give 'em that. Borders would apparently rather lose customers than answer their emails. Good to know.

[edit] OH HAY - someone not Ashley.

"Dear [Peregrine],

Thank you for contacting us about Borders Rewards.

I am sorry to hear that you feel we did not properly address your feedback. I assure you, that we do read all e-mails from our customers. We certainly hope you will change your mind and continue to shop at our stores. We appreciate each and every customer we have and would never want you to feel like we dismiss or disregard your feedback. At your request, we have canceled your Borders Rewards card. Your card and unused rewards will be canceled, and you will also be un-subscribed from all e-mails you currently receive from Borders and/or Waldenbooks.

If this cancellation was made in error, please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.


Borders Rewards Customer Care

My reply:
"Dear Makalya,

Might I suggest that, if Borders indeed does not want customers to feel as though their feedback is disregarded, perhaps sending out real replies instead of form letters to complaints would be in order?

The Rewards cancellation is not a mistake, it was at my request. I am so upset by the new policies in place and the canned responses to my emails about same that I have decided to take my business elsewhere.

Thank you for your time and your response.

And the final reply, which I am not going to respond to:
"Dear [Peregrine],

Thank you for contacting Borders.

I completely understand your frustration. All the feedback you have provided has been forwarded. We like to review feedback from our customers. It helps us provide better service. If you ever decide to shop with us again, we would be very thankful.

If there is anything else I can do for you, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Borders Customer Care

Clearly, they cannot get past the form letters. No, I won't be shopping with them again.
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"Dear [Peregrine],

Thank you for contacting Borders Customer Care with your comments.

Initially, I would like to apologize for any frustration you have experienced. We do, however appreciate the time you have taken to bring your comments to our attention. Feedback from valued customers like you is essential to us as it allows us to keep in touch with areas where we can improve our services. Your suggestion will be included in our regular reporting to our various departments and in information presented to the executives at Borders. While I cannot guarantee that a change will be made, we appreciate your sending us your ideas.

Thanks again for taking the time to write to us. If you should have any other thoughts on how we can improve the shopping experience at Borders stores, please do not hesitate to share these with us.


Borders Customer Care

And the response:
"Dear Ashley,
The canned responses I have received in response to my emails has further alienated me as a customer. They neither acknowledge nor validate the issues brought up in either of my two emails to Customer Care, and the fact that other customers are receiving - word for word - these exact same canned responses has cemented my opinion that Borders Corporate Office no longer cares about their customers. It does nothing to reassure me that a real, live human being has so much as seen my emails and I have no faith that my opinion of this alienating and disturbing new policy will be taken into consideration at all.

Please remove this email address from any mailing lists Borders or any company affiliated with Borders maintains, and please cancel my Borders Rewards membership. I would like to receive confirmation within 24 hours that this account has been removed and the Rewards membership canceled.

Thank you.

And yes, I fully intend to respond to each and every email from "Ashley". Either they'll: a) put a human being on the line, or b) run out of canned responses.
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I had to go into Borders today for work. Having been warned by Red that Borders has instituted a mandatory "Assault our customers with books they don't want and harass them if they get within 20' of you" policy, I spent the transit time thinking up how to politely but firmly answer the poor employees forced to be "helpful".

I was not even 10 steps into the front door when the first employee approached. I was asked if I needed help finding anything. I politely said no. She did not offer me a Make Book. I managed to find my way to the book I needed, had it off the shelf and in hand and was checking the pub date to make sure it was a recent printing, when opportunity in the form of an overly cheerful trainee trailed by her manager struck. The manager lurked behind, facing a shelf *. The employee asked if they could help me find anything, and when I said no and proffered the book I'd gone there to purchase, she asked if I'd be interested in checking out a book she had recently read and thought was "really great!!" - you could hear the double exclamation points.

Staring at her with a slight, bemused smile, I asked seriously, "Does it involve necrophilia with skin-sloughed chimerical human beings and other members of the undead class?" She blinked and said no. Before she could continue, I raised eyebrows hopefully and asked, "An epic war between homosexual fae and uptight Republican dwarves in a post-apocalyptic universe?" More blinking, but the light was going on. She said no and cut her eyes at her manager. I tried a third time, "The secret lives of underpants gnomes?" She was trying not to laugh as she shook her head.

The manager stepped over with a smile and tried to intercede, "Actually, it's about.." I stared him down, Icy Glare of Death firmly in place, and interrupted, "Harassment due to a store policy, wherein the customer is pestered to death when they clearly have zero interest in the title being thrust upon them?" He literally choked. I continued, "Please pass on my opinion that this Make Book policy sucks. It is not hand selling. Hand selling would involve asking me what interests me, not attempting to wheedle me into purchasing something that will keep you from getting written up and fired. High marks to your trainee. She was courteous and cheerful in trying to fulfill Borders' retarded, unreasonable, and disgusting new policy." The trainee had her hands over her mouth, trying not to let the laugh out.

As he stood there staring at me as though I'd just kicked his favourite puppy, I went to the cashier, handed them the book and the cash and stated I was not able to donate because it was a corporate purchase.

They're lucky I was warned about the policy. I leave it as an exercise of my loyal reader's imagination as to what would have happened if I'd been accosted unprepared.

* - By "Facing", I mean making sure the books all look pretty on the shelf, not ..standing toward the shelf.


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