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I put all the chickens outside today. T'Oliver's used to it, he's been going out for a few hours every day, but Tennyson, Peaches and the chick hadn't been out. My two little fledglings had also not been outside. It was motivation to clean the leaves out of the front yard so the birds could get at the bumper crop of weeds coming up.

The adults loved it, the chick mimicked its parents and scratched, ate weeds, and ran around like a little feathered psycho. My fledglings were contrary. They huddled in a corner of their cage and peeped sadly until I walked over, then they ran toward me, peeping the entire time, and tried to get out. Being a sucker, I let them out. I wound up vacuuming the yard with a baby chicken on each shoulder. They'd occasionally hop to the ground to eat a bug before hopping back up. Chickens are not creatures made of grace. They'd hop, get purchase with their feet, and scramble up my side, wings flapping the entire time, until they reached my shoulder. After I was done gathering the leaves, I sat on the ground and spent time showing them how to be chickens. They'd hesitantly scratch around, then get frightened and come run to snuggle against me. Yes, it's as cute as it sounds. For a definition of 'cute' that includes very small chickens.

I'd planned to leave them outside tonight, but the wind got cold and smelled of rain. If it'd just been the adults, it wouldn't have been so bad, but the chick is still mostly fuzzy. Speaking of, anyone want an Old English Game Bantam? Peaches hatched him, but I have no use for him. He hasn't been handled much, because he's in with Peaches and Tennyson and they go apeshit if I reach for the chick.

Speaking of apeshit chickens, my little roo attacked a stray cat that got too close to his cage and ripped its ear open. It was fleeing as I came running out the door. Tennyson looked mighty proud of himself. Goofy bird.

Tomorrow, my plan is to attack That Guy's yard with his mower. He's still in Krautland. I have still not thought of anything suitably evil to do while he's away. Le sigh.
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I took the two cocks outside for a bit today, to get them used to.. y'know.. the fact that there IS an 'outside'. T'Oliver flipped his shit for a moment, and then went, "WAIT!... there are BUGS out here!" and proceeded to merrily chomp his way through a bunch of sluggishly moving roly poly bugs. Tennyson is a drama queen. He wigged and screamed and paced and hopped in agitation and basically just went bugshit the entire time.

There are no pictures, because my yard is thawing and gross. Once I rake it and it looks more presentable, and I have actual runs for the birds built, there will be photos. Oh yes, there will be photos.

The neighbors came over for some double cock admiration. "Those are chickens? And they're full grown? But they're so small!" Yes, it's true - both my cocks are remarkably small. For Seramas, though, this is a good thing. I'm pretty sure T'Oliver's a Class B - possibly as large as a C. Tennyson is definitely a B or possibly an A - I haven't weighed him. Peaches is a C, but I don't know what the yet-to-hatch chicks will be. The size of the parents doesn't correlate to the size of the chicks, nor do the colours. My cocks are very, very pretty, though. So's the hen, but she's kind of a spaz.

That was our adventure today.
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I have three Serama chickens in my house. Two of them are cockerels. I intended to come home with just one pair, a male and female. Then I saw this poor little ragamuffin bird, and he fell asleep in my arms and the breeder is an enabler and said I could just have him. So I came home with two cocks and a hen. They're actually really good about not crowing until I turn on the lamps. Then they crow for a bit as I get ready for work, and when I come home, they greet me, but then they're silent. It's nothing near a full-size rooster. The roo in the first pic is full grown. Their body size is about 7", and their tail is about another 10". Super tiny birds.

They're such funny little birds. I also have an incubator half full of mixed banty eggs and Serama eggs, and some black cochin bantam eggs coming. Oy. The birds will be sold when they hatch, because I don't have room for them. I just like the hatching part.

And now for some uber crappy pictures of the birds, with cameo appearances by the lovely Mandae.

Pic heavy. )


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