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Had S. make me the cheesiest, fluffiest, so chock full of pagan symbolism you gag on it banner for an Etsy store.

I can't look at it without either giggling or gagging. It's a beautiful thing. Then, to top it off, I wrote purple prose copy chock full of hubris and buzz words.

This was after a morning and afternoon spent making a complete crapton of herbal bath bombs and salts. The coffee grinder is my new best friend.

Have not yet managed to use That Guy's tagline of "If you need to ask what it does, you probably shouldn't buy it."

There's enough sea salt and epsom salts in these puppies that it should strip through even the most arduously applied "essential oils" from little witchlet bodies.

Of course, I can't smell anything but lavender and bergamot right now, but that should wear off eventually.
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Also by request. This may not be funny to anyone but me. It's sane advice that the average person should know, however.. yeah. Don't ask me why some are in the form of Commandment-esque lingo and some aren't - they're written down how they've been thought up. Some of them just roll off the tongue better that way. At some point I may standardize the list, but don't count on it.

These are also written as how they're presented to people that need to be smacked with them, not as bombast to the readers.

Cut cuz I am wordy meat )

That's all for now. There are others, but they're either not coming to mind because I'm not currently confronted by idiocy, or they're too vague of concept to be rendered into snarky words right now.

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As a response to the comment left in a locked post on a community I'm on, the bizarre, facepalmy, and sometimes funny stories of how the kit evolved and how it's been used.

Got long )

So there you have it. My way more practical than necessary emergency ritual kit.

[EDIT: In light of the interest in this list, I've unlocked the post re-locked the post on the original forum and transferred it here so it can be linked. If you link it, I ask that you drop a comment here so I know where it's going on the intardnetzweb. You may link it to anywhere but WitchVox, provided it is properly credited to "Peregrine". I don't mind if you publish it as long as you do not receive compensation for it, as long as it's credited.]

As to why I re-locked the original and moved it here - because I have the dumb and it didn't dawn on me until this morning that an open post on a pagan-centric forum that gets crosslinked all over the intardnetz, right before Samhain, is pretty much setting out trollbait and switching on the psycho magnet. I really like that community and feel bad about doing that to our mods. They were gracious and didn't smack me over it - but it's a problem and this is my way of fixing it. Sorry, mods! I think you're doing a great job and I love that comm!


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