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Birthdate:Oct 27
Location:Minnesota, United States of America
Tattooed, pierced fiend who daylights as a perfectly normal human being. Afflicted with a sad and chronic case of 'writing', I still manage to function in average society as long as I can lock myself away and write when I have to. Deprivation of keyboard or notepad has been known to induce rabid fits of twitching, foaming at the mouth, hysterical giggling or biting, and has occasionally culminated in spontaneous large purchases, such as a cellphone/pda thingy with wifi specifically so as not to suffer withdrawal in public.

Fan of all things horror related, I'm one of those people who will watch some horrifically graphic scene and giggle as the people around me look away and/or vomit, then blink at them and ask, "Whut? You don't think that's funny?" I play the Silent Hill series over and over again because a) I love smashing the shit out of creepy beasties with a steel pipe, and b) I desperately want to live there. Also a huge fan of ancient TV horror shows like Darkside, Tales from the Crypt, and the Twilight Zone. I'm a sfx geek and tend to re-enact some of my favorite scenes of horror. Cenobites are hot, yo. If you don't know what a Cenobite is, you're probably too young to read this journal.

When I'm not watching horror or recreating it with gelatin and elmer's glue, I read. Anything. Everything. Books on congenital malformations of human foetuses written in the 1800's, history texts, novels, sci fi, fantasy, myth, classics with the exception of Tess of the D'urbervilles and The Scarlett Letter, because both the bitches in those books needed a bullet put in them and deserve no sympathy for fucking up their own wretched, wasted little lives. Thank you, I'd rather have Poe even on his bad days.

Contrary to the username, I'm not a goth. Goths exist to provide me opportunities for public mockery. Technically, if I must be labeled, I'd be a rivethead, but that doesn't take my crazy obsession with classical music into account.

"Hey, don't I know you...?"

The answer might be yes if:
* You were on Efnet #wicca or Starchat #LPA 1993-2003
* You met me at ManRay or The Bank
* You graduated from Tartan in 1993 or 4
* You met me at DragonCon or MiniCon
* You lived in Warren Towers 1995-2000
* You know Mistress X
* You are in Nordskogen or Northshield
* You attended WW
* You know what my other name is
* You were on TexasTwilight, Metro, Double X, Cajun Nights, or the Hotel Piscator
* You know who any of my alts are in any of the writing comms I'm on.
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