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This morning, I woke up angry. I didn't sleep very well last night, because I was angry. I have officially Had Enough of the bullshit attacks on Planned Parenthood by anti-women conservatives. I am tired of their funding being threatened every three months because, in addition to the massive amount of health services they provide, they also provide abortions. I posted on FB (as one does when one is in a frothy fit of rage, no?) a request for a poster, and detailed exactly what I wanted it to say and look like. Texty came through in spades, and created this. It's slowly crawling its way across the internet. I am very tempted to Zazzle the shit out of it and turn it into stickers and donate any proceeds to Planned Parenthood. I'm also tempted to print a thousand of them and wallpaper the hell out of the conservative congresscritters I can get ahold of - and keep in mind, Bachmann is regrettably in my state.

Why am I angry? Because I'm one of the women who've used Planned Parenthood's services. They've provided me with affordable gyn exams when I had no insurance, on a sliding scale that meant I could pay for it so I didn't have to put it off. It meant that when I found a lump in my breast that hadn't been there two days before, I went in to get it checked out right away. They had me scheduled for an exam, lumpectomy, and possible mastectomy at a nearby hospital /that day/ - and thankfully, it turned out to be a goddamn cyst and not the hideously malignant breast cancer it could have been. They provided me with affordable birth control from age 18-32. When I was 19 and pregnant and terrified and paranoid, their counselor took time out of her day to sit on the phone with me and go over what options I had available and where I could turn for financial help with prenatal and post-natal care outside what they offered. I will never forget that woman. Her most lasting comment was, "Honey, it sounds like you want the baby but not the boyfriend." She was right. After I miscarried, they provided the pelvic to make sure I was ok and offered resources for grief counseling. When I had brain explody and needed to know what my options were for birth control, I called them because my neuro's office said "you can't use ANY birth control" - Planned Parenthood had better, and more accurate information.

When I had a job and good insurance, I still went to them for my gyn care, because when I go to Planned Parenthood, I am dealing with an organization of doctors and nurses who give a shit about me and my health. They have proven it over and over again by the kind of care I get when I go there. I donated every time I went in, because it helps pay for the next woman who can't - and hell, that's been me more than once in my life. It's me right now.

I've said before - I honestly do not know what I would have done when I was 19, if I hadn't had any options. I already felt terrified and trapped and had no clue what to do. Admittedly, I called for information about abortions, but what I received was information on how to make an informed choice and what resources were available to me if I chose to keep the baby. Yes, I received information about abortion as well, but that woman on the phone spent a long time talking to me - just talking to me - to get a better idea how to help me.

I am no longer that scared teenager, but I still use their services and I support them wherever I can so that they will continue to be around for the next scared, lonely, confused teenager who has nowhere else to turn.

Politicians take note: I'm a woman who uses Planned Parenthood. I keep track of who votes to defund them, and that vote will influence mine in coming elections.

[edit:] Yes, I Zazzled them.
Buttons and Stickers and Poster. They are priced so they earn exactly $1 per purchase. If they're purchased, the money will be donated. You can bet your ass it won't be to the Komen for the Cure asshats. :P

[edit 2:] Updated all Zazzle products with a better res image, courtesy of Texty. Whee!
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THIS may be the most lovely grassroots initiative I have seen in over 20 years.

"Al Franken won.

But DC Republicans keep bankrolling Norm Coleman’s continued court challenges. For them, it’s worth the money to block the seating of Senator Franken.

But if thousands of us donate $1 to help progressives defeat Republicans in 2010 for each day Norm Coleman refuses to concede, we'll reverse the incentives for DC Republicans. They'll tell Norm, "Go away!"

Can you give a dollar a day to make Norm go away?"

I'm behind this. It has no bearing on Franken's candidacy. It's purely reactionary to The Smiler Norm Coleman reneging on the most infamous quote of the MN election Round 1: “If you ask me what I would do, I would step back,” said Coleman. Proving yet again that the man will say absolutely anything to further his ambition.

The very first weekend the site went up, they raised $20k.


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