Jul. 31st, 2009 09:21 pm
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It's been a bad week. I've threatened to run off to Barbados to farm bees, but That Guy is kayaking and Whitey is recovering from jetlag, so we couldn't leave until Monday at the earliest. That is far too long to wait for change.

Female. Scorpio. Redhead. What's that you said about this mythical thing called 'patience'? Patience is a song by Guns 'n Roses. Patience is a virtue - and I lost mine long long ago.

Today, I cut all my hair off. Well.. not all of it, but it's significantly shorter than it was when I went to work today. If you read Devil's Panties (which is not, contrary to the name, Satanic porn) then you're already familiar with the cut - the main character has it. Chin length in front, much shorter and fluffier in back. I managed to control my frothing hair-rage when I walked in the shop, so I asked for a cut and didn't demand they give me the clippers or someone'd get hurt.

I also decided that needles would be a good idea. I have three tattoos. Two of them are Celtic knots that are slowly but surely becoming amorphous blobs. They looked nice when I got them ten years ago, and not so nice now. Stopped by a tattoo place, spent a lot of time going through their portfolio, and talked to their "make my tattoos not suck" specialist. It'll take about 2 hours to get both done - I'm getting one done tomorrow, because I'm a little nervous about someone freehanding ink into my leg. Due to the blobbage, white ink will have to be used before it's re-lined, and there's no way to use a template with white. On the positive side, my skin is so pale, nobody'll see any screw ups with the white.

Original cost of tattoos: $35 each for the Celtics.
Cost to fix them so they don't look blobby: $220


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