Nov. 15th, 2009 10:07 am
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I haven't been posting much lately because most of the words running around inside my skull can be summed up as, "AAARRGH gimme my goddamn house already, you bastards!!" I want to write, but I'll start something and my brain will wander off moments later into a seething morass of "When? Why is it taking so long? What could I do right now that would make this take less time?" The answer, "It's out of your control, so you just have to wait." never ever sits well with me.

Amusing tidbits:

While my realtor was in the house, diagnosing it with a missing electric meter and dislocated interior gas line, a total creepo from the neighborhood walked right in the house "because he saw someone was there". He tried to convince her that if she was a realtor, it wasn't worth showing the house because he "was gonna buy it as soon as it went back on the market again. [His] dad would cosign so the loan was a done deal. [He] lived with [his] dad in a duplex. [He] had a free apartment in a place [he] managed but they didn't allow dogs and that's why [he] wanted the house, because it had a yard for a dog." He was informed that the house isn't going on the market, it's being purchased, and I'll be closing sometime this month. He then asked if I had a dog. My realtor said, "No.. but she has a GUN." Apparently that was enough to get him out of the house. We both expect that this creep will show up while I'm moving in. Thankfully, I know a heavy who is a clone of Hagrid for size and fierce head and facial hair, and is willing to come hang out with me and scare creepos away. That Guy is no good in these situations. He's too laid back and nice and not at all intimidating.

Not so amusing tidbits:
On Friday the 13th, I hit a cat. It was an accident - it was dark and raining and there were no streetlights. I didn't see the damn thing until it looked at me and my headlights reflected. I tried to stop but it's a truck - stopping on a dime, not so much. I slid into the cat and knocked it into a ditch. It was alive, so I rushed it to the emergency vet. Immediate diagnosis: leg fractured in two places, two broken ribs, possible other internal damage - turned out not to have internal damage, just bones broken in places that didn't require amputation. She had collar tags, so the vet contacted the owners. It's a good thing I didn't contact them.
"That driver should learn to watch where she's going!" (Note: I have defensive driving certification.)
"We let her out all the time and she's NEVER BEEN HIT BEFORE!"
"Why'd she have to take her to a vet all the way across town? Couldn't she have taken her to a closer vet? We spent a lot of gas getting out here."
"$300 just for an appointment?! The cat wasn't hurt that bad, couldn't you have waited until morning to see her and charged us the cheaper fee??"

The vet called the police and had them given a citation for violating leash laws, then informed them the bill was over $3000 - would they like to pay? If not, they could sign over the cat. They signed the cat over. The vet is taking her home as his own. Unfortunately, I suspect these morons will just go get another free kitten/cat somewhere and the cycle will start anew. I'm kind of kicking myself for not having grabbed their contact info off the tags. But it's probably better for everyone involved that I didn't.

Adoption paperwork is going slowly. Newest dumbness: "It says here your mother is a Canadian citizen?" "Yes, that's right." "Doesn't that make you a Canadian citizen as well?" "Yes." "Then, unfortunately, I can't help you with adoption.." "..What? I'm a dual citizen." "There's no such thing as dual citizenship, so you're probably just Canadian." "No, I was born here. I'm an American citizen too, much as that galls me some days."

That garbage is brought to you by someone who's read the US Citizenship laws and doesn't understand them. The US does not recognize dual citizenship, they only recognize the American portion. You can't, as an American, file for citizenship of another country because to do so automatically renounces your American citizenship, but if you were born abroad, or born to parents of another country but in the US, it doesn't negate your citizenship to the other country, it just adds America. It took an hour and fifteen minutes to get that through to the social worker. Technically, I think I have Norway in there as well, since my mother's dual Norwegian and Canadian by virtue of being born to Norwegian immigrants before they became Canadian citizens. I figured it was better not to get into that portion, since the poor social worker was confused enough.


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