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I am now officially done with the physical space that was Chez Stamp, and fully moved into $Duplex. The only thing left is to wait for Stamp's management to try to screw me out of my deposit, as they have done with everyone else that has moved out in the last year, and the ensuing court dates.

$Duplex isn't that much bigger than Chez Stamp, but since it's not up three flights of stairs, I was able to get rid of my 10x20 storage unit and bring furniture and boxes of books back to my domicile. The boxes of books represent mostly just the paperbacks and a few hardcovers I've acquired in the last 10 years. It's about 1500 of the 6k or so books I own. Physical books, not even counting the several thousand ebooks, though to be fair, most of those are duplicates of books I own in some other form. Everyone needs at least one addiction, right?

In the process of bringing home the Stuff From Storage, I've noticed that when I moved everything into the pods, and then into the storage unit, I really didn't do a very good job of purging. I think I was grabbing everything in the house, stuffing it into a box, and putting it into the pods so I didn't have to think about it. Much of it has respawned in the meanwhile, or spontaneously generated from amidst the piles of stuff. I'm weeding through it all and people on Freecycle and Craigslist are making out like bandits. For gits and shiggles, I put some of it on Swap.com and we'll see if anything comes of it. Eventually, I will have an organized living space with just the stuff I want to keep. That'll be a nice change :P
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