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Mel gets a pass. I don't know why; possibly because she likes Care Bears. Or because I like her more than I like you. Or because you have kept this particular aspect of yourself on the dl and I highly appreciate the ignorance you have left me in. Also possibly because I would be surprised if Mel was /not/.

"I started watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.."
"Do not tell me of your filthy, perverse deviance."
"I only watch it for the stories!"
"Which line is it that men have been using to justify their porn for as long as men have been able to find porn in convenient, take-home packages? I forget."
"No, really!"
"You could let this whole subject drop right now and retain some dignity. But I know you won't."
"It's awesome!"
"Yes. I am filled with awe that adult males, formerly believed to be members of the human race, watch a cartoon about giddy ponies."
"Oh, so now we're subhuman?! Harsh, dude!"
"Ah, so .. you don't call yourself a 'brony'?"
".... ..... IT'S JUST A NAME!"
"I see I was right on the money with the dignity comment."
"Only because you feel the need to mock a sweet TV show."
"Funny; I thought I was mocking you."
"For watching a TV show."
"Hm, and here I thought it was because you don't seem to grasp 'do not tell me' and 'you could let the whole subject drop' as indications of which direction I'd prefer the conversation went."
"I thought that no meant yes."
".... This is me, letting you think about what you just said."
"Not like that! I meant, I thought you were being tetchy just to get a rise out of me about a show I like."
"Wait - you like Babylon 5."
"Don't even go there!"
"Oh, I'm not.. but JMS also brought about He-Man, She-Ra and The Real Ghostbusters, so it ties in rather nicely to your creepy cartoon fetish."
"Why do you know that? You can't hate him that much."
"Have you met me? Anyway, putting aside the issue of whether or not I could hate him that much - I don't hate him. I do my research - when I say 'Such and such sucks', I like to be prepared with cites that make my opinion understandable to raging fanthings."
"I am not a raging fanthing!"

At that point, the subject was, thankfully, changed to the much less controversial topic of whether the Oslo Bomber Dude wore boxers, briefs, or went commando.
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